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Image by Paul Skorupskas

Our Vision

Our Core
of Faith

Our Dream for the Future

Every Nation Cape Town has a dream for our city. We have a dream for our nation. We have a dream for Africa and the nations of the world. God has placed this dream in our hearts. It is a dream of a God-given preferable future for our children and the generations that will follow. We have written this vision down so that he who reads it may run with it. We believe this vision is still for an appointed time and though it tarries, we will wait for it. (See Habakkuk 2:2-4)

The Fire of Revival

We see the fire of revival growing stronger and stronger in our great and beautiful city of Cape Town. We see every home and family, young person and old person passionate for God. We see personal and family altars burning the fire of prayer, worship and devotion to God and His Word daily. We see thousands of churches in our city united to bring glory to Jesus. We see Cape Town being a light to the nations of the world.

One Church with Hundreds of Congregations

As a citywide church, we are laying the foundations and planning for hundreds of congregations to be planted all across Cape Town and beyond. From Simonstown to Atlantis, from Hout Bay to the Helderberg, from Muizenberg to Malmesbury, we want the city to ring with the praises of God. We see incredibly diverse congregations united as a citywide church by the common mission to bring the Gospel to every man, woman and child in our city.

Change the Campus, Change the World

We started out in 1988 with a vision to reach 1 000 campuses. That vision is still alive in our hearts. We desire to see every student on every campus receive proper exposure to God’s value system and not just the values of Secular Humanism, Islam, Marxism or Eastern Mysticism. We have this dream for Africa: that the future leaders of every nation would be reached on our campuses. History has shown that as the campus goes so the nation goes. We commit ourselves to spend our resources and send our best leaders to reach the campuses of the world. We believe that our Every Nation Ministry School (ENMS) will train the finest campus ministers and church planters to reach every major academic centre in Africa and the nations of the earth.

Jesus said “Go!”

We are serious about the great commission to “go and make disciples of all nations.” We understand that it is a command to “go!” We know that the best strategy for evangelism is church planting. We have a dream to plant churches in Africa and in every nation in our generation. We desire to see many schools, hospitals, and centres for entrepreneurship impacted and opened in our continent, through the obedience of God’s people to His call on their lives.

Economic Prosperity and the Dismantling of Systemic Poverty

There once was a time when an African nation was the most prosperous nation in the world, under the leadership of a man who had a God-given dream. His name was Joseph and that nation was Egypt. We believe that Africa’s time is coming again. We believe that the Gospel affects everything from the inside out. And when there is spiritual freedom, economic freedom follows. We believe the kingdom of God will transform the marketplaces of our city and dismantle systemic poverty. The time for allowing our continent to be plundered is over. It is time for us to stand tall in God’s will and plan for our lives, to put our faith into action, to work hard, to create jobs and to trust God for economic upliftment. We have a dream that Africa will lend rather than borrow, export rather than import, invest and save rather than borrow and spend. We have a dream that we will not just export our products and services, but that we will export the best of our leaders, business people and missionaries to reach the nations of the world.

Godly Government

We remember and give thanks to God for the miracle of 1994, when at the time of our nation’s first democratic elections, we saw the hand of God move powerfully, dismantling the ungodly laws of apartheid and leading us into an era of nation building and reconciliation. The job is far from over. Reformation has only just begun. We see godly men and women standing for righteousness and serving the call of God in politics and government. We have a dream for Africa – that every nation will have free and fair elections and a constitution that respects not just the will of the people, but the will of Almighty God.

Ethnic Reconciliation

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. declared a dream for ethnic reconciliation that cost him his life. He looked forward to a day that his children would one day live in a nation where they would not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. As a church we share this dream. We have a dream for Africa – that every tribe, every tongue and every nation (which biblically means every ethnic group) will join hands in reconciliation and a commitment to build a godly society in our continent.

Discipleship and the Light of Reformation

Jesus walked on African soil. It was Africa that received the Lord into her bosom when Herod tried to kill Him. It was also an African, Simon of Cyrene, who helped Jesus carry His cross to the place of His crucifixion. We have a dream for Africa – that once more she will open her heart to the Son of God, and that once more she will take up her cross and follow Jesus. The Gospel has gone far and wide in our continent through many revivals and crusades, but it is time for it to go deep through discipleship and reformation. The Word of God needs to wash our souls. The kingdom of God must bring transformation to society. If this does not happen in our generation, then when will it happen? We sense God the Father, turning to God the Son, saying, “Who will go for Us?” And we have said “Here we are Lord, send us.” We have signed up for this dream for Africa. Have you?

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