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Sunday Services

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Service Details

Sunday Service Details

Our Venue

32 Aurora Street


Please note that we only use this venue on Sundays at 9AM for our Sunday service.

Upcoming Sermons

28 January 2024


Jampie van Aarde

Live Service!  

Sermon Series 2

SET APART - Holiness Lost

4 February 2024


Ps Wolfgang Beyer

Live Service!  

Sermon Series 3

SET APART - Holiness Revealed

11 February 2-24


Ps Michélle Beyer

Live Service!

Sermon Series 4

SET APART - Holiness Restored

18 February 2024


Wilhelm Human

Live Service!  

Sermon Series 5

SET APART - Holiness Lived

25 February 2024


Pastor Wolfgang Beyer

Live Service!  

Sermon Series 6

SET APART - Holiness Completed

Upcoming Sermons

Watch Our Latest Sermons

Here a few sermon from our library. For a complete list of our previous sermon recordings, please view our YouTube channel at the link below.

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We believe that ‘Every believer is a minister' and therefore are keen to discover the gifts that God has given every member of our congregation, so that we all together can build the church. Everyone in our family serves in one or the other way - as it is the case in every family. In so doing, we share the responsibilities and tasks, which enable us to grow personally and also to keep creating room for the church to expand. We invite you to discover your gifts and to get involved - be part of the family. 

  • How can I get involved?
    Click on the "Get in Touch" button at the top of the page and forward your details to us.
  • How can I serve on Sundays?
    We have multiple ways to serve on sundays. Go to the Ministries pageunder Sunday Service and send us your details
  • Can I pay my tithe electronically?
    Yes. Here the details for Tithes & Offerings
  • Do you have meetings during the week?
    Yes. We meet in various parts in the Durbanville/Bellville area.
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